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Mortuary/Cemetery Malpractice and Funeral Negligence & Abuse

Our firm represents family members of the deceased who were mistreated by cemeteries, mortuaries, crematories, and funeral homes. The loss of a beloved family member is sufficiently painful without the added emotional injury of knowing that your relative’s remains were not treated with the proper care and respect they deserved. Our desire is to compensate you for the emotional distress that you and your family have suffered.

Even in these difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, where we have seen a rise of abuse and wrongdoings in the Funeral care process, it is crucial that we continue to emphasize a funeral care standard based on respect for your loved one. The pandemic should not be used as a scapegoat for malpractice or abuse.

The firm is ready, willing and able to help with your legal needs. There is no fee if you do not recover. Throughout his 30+ years of experience as an attorney, law professor and legal author, Mr. DeSario evaluates each case and listens with great care and compassion as if it were a member of his own family.

Our Approach to Funeral Negligence

California has extensive laws and regulations that govern mortuary lawyer and funeral homes, cemeteries, crematories and the acts of their employees. Our firm offers free consultations to discuss whether these organizations may have breached their duty under the law, in which you can be compensated for your emotional suffering. These are some examples of mortuary lawyer malpractice and Funeral abuse:


  • Sale of the organs from the deceased

  • Commingling bodies during cremations, mixing the remains of other individuals with your relative

  • Inappropriate Disposing or handling of cremated remains

  • Storing bodies without proper refrigeration or in a manner that lacks respect for the body

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